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New edition 2015!

The specialized welding reference guide

FSH Welding Canada, offers a guide to specialized welding products for maintenance and repair, edition 2015.

This compact guide is designed to help buyers, engineers, supervisors, foremen and welders make the best choice of filler metals and welding techniques that are appropriate according to their specific applications.

This guide is a valuable reference tool. It contains a wide range of information and technical advice as well as selection tables of filler metals that are practical and easy to use for all welding applications of cast iron, nickel alloys, steel, alloy steels, build-up, hardfacing, stainless steel, copper alloys, silver brazing alloys, light metals, cutting-chamfering-piercing, hot and cold metallizing, composite coatings, etc.

To order the specialized welding products guide for maintenance and repair, edition 2015, fill out the form (if you cannot sent it electronically, print it and send it by mail) and send it to the following address below in the amount of :

$10.95 + $3.05 (postage and GST) = $14.00 per pocket guide

You can also get it from most distributors of gases and welding products.