FSH WELDING CANADA - Worlwide independent manufacturer of innovative welding and brazing consumables

With the three manufacturing plants of the group, FSH Welding Canada has access to hundreds of products in all different categories to answer the needs and requirements of the highest diversity in the welding trade. The groups world-wide objective in manufacturing is to unify in each country all our activities to seek synergies of service and profit our partners, our active development of new products and applications for all welding activities.

FSH Welding Canada is attentative to your needs and through its network of specialized distributors everywhere in Canada, we offer a complete range of over 300 products for welding and soldering for maintenance repair and production. Our products are available in several forms (stick electrode, MIG wire, flux cored wire, TIG rods, etc.) and several diameters in small packages as well as private branding.

Every day, hundreds of satisfied customers use the prestigious product brands Soudotec, Selectarc and Broco for all kinds of applications, even the most complexed.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know your nearest FSH Welding Canada distributors.