FSH WELDING CANADA - Worlwide independent manufacturer of innovative welding and brazing consumables


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The brazing Expert

Based in Roche Lez Béaupré in the Doubs, we are the last manufacturer of brazing alloys and braze welding in France, and of brazing fluxes since 1948. Today a member of the FSH WELDING GROUP, we offer the most comprehensive range of strong solders.

We have been in existence for over half a century and are pioneers in the manufacture of Copper-Phosphorous brazing and, to date, we are the French leader.

Harnessing the assistance of the "Group" already present in more than 86 countries in the world, we pursue our mission to develop our action in the export market.

The quality of our alloys, our industrial tool, our flexibility in the design and manufacture of products, provides us with international repute.

Our program consists of five main families:

  • Copper-Phosphorous alloys for manual and oven brazing
  • Copper-Phosphorous-Silver alloys
  • Silver solders
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Braze-welding alloys
  • Brazing fluxes

A controlled process with continuous casting allows us to have high quality, constant and consistent alloys. Thanks to a special technology, we offer non-gassed CuP and CuPAg ranges for the operator's working comfort!

We provide comprehensive brazing solutions to meet each of our customers' requirements: technical advice, training, custom packagings. Customized service, the FSH Welding Group company offers a true partnership, and not just a mere business relationship.

  Certification ISO 9001
version 2008