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Selectarc Industries

Selectarc Industries
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Selectarc Industries
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Selectarc Industries
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…"formulas" at the heart of the business

Initially specializing in the manufacture of screws, our company Forges de Saint-Hippolyte was the first French limited company to be officially registered, on the 22 April 1870.

In 1952, we embarked on the production of welding electrodes. In 2001, Selectarc Industries SAS absorbed the industrial activity of Forges de Saint-Hippolyte, and joined the FSH Welding Group, that specializes in the production and distribution of welding consumables.

Our nearly sixty years of existence have not eroded the ethics of our family business, which has always complied with our founders' and managers' principles regarding our customers and own teams. Rigor, dynamism, adaptability and high standards, have guided our conduct over the decades.

We are ISO 9001-accredited for the manufacture of coated electrodes and the supply of welding consumables, and we are able to respond to specific requests thanks to R&D.

"We carry out a host of developments to maintain and improve the quality of our welding electrodes, but we also adapt our coating formulas at our customers' request" (Dr. Manfred Rostek).

With about 70 employees, our company manufactures a comprehensive line of arc welding electrodes, with over 300 different types of formulas.

Main product ranges:

-Rutile electrodes
-Cellulosic electrodes
-Basic electrodes
-Stainless steel electrodes
-Nickel electrodes
-Cast iron electrodes
-Non ferrous electrodes
-Hardfacing electrodes


  Certification ISO 9001
version 2008