FSH Welding Canada


Founded in 1979, under the name Soudotec Inc., by specialists in welding maintenance and repair, the company today occupies a privileged position in its field. As a manufacturer of specialized welding and brazing products.

Over the years, Soudotec has adapted to an ever changing market while keeping up with state of the art technology and more and more specific situations. The company has built a vast clientele throughout Canada. The company's reputation has provided global solutions reaching as far as Europe!

In 2003, it became Selectarc Canada and joined the rapidly expanding French group FSH Welding Group (now Selectarc Group), which has three state-of-the-art welding filler metal manufacturing facilities and is present in over 80 countries. Since then, Selectarc Canada has experienced strong growth across the country.

In 2007, in continuity with the Group, it strengthens its corporate image and becomes FSH Welding Canada. This new worldwide organization of FSH Welding Group (now Selectarc Group) aims to be more present and more communicative with our partners for a better quality service and innovation in welding filler metals.

Today, FSH Welding Canada continues to grow and meet the increasing needs of its many customers, helping them get the most out of their existing equipment. Thanks to the superiority of its products offered under the Soudotec and Selectarc brands, its rigorous quality policy, the quality of its management and service as well as its highly qualified personnel, FSH Welding Canada sets new standards in production welding and maintenance and repair that meet your requirements.