Selectarc and Soudotec : Welding Products

Selectarc Group, last French producer of welding consumables

Selectarc Group moved into a new, modern facility in 2014.

The plant employs nearly 100 people. It manufactures and supplies a complete range of welding consumables for the industry.

Selectarc Group manufactures standard and customized welding consumables according to our customers' needs. The expertise of our technical and manufacturing teams is recognized worldwide.

Its activity is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

In addition to welding consumables, Selectarc Group also provides contract work for the industry, thanks to its knowledge of metallurgy, its expertise in drawing many alloys and the performance of its quality assurance system.

Selectarc Group is an experienced supplier for technical applications including nuclear, aviation and aerospace applications and is certified by some of the largest players in these industry segments.

Selectarc Group has also developed expertise in the supply of metal wires for various applications, including additive manufacturing (WAAM).

Through technical advice and training, Selectarc Group and FSH Welding Canada provide turnkey welding solutions to meet specific requirements.