FSH Welding Canada also offers a range of high quality miscellaneous products

Brazing Flux

FSH Welding Canada offers a complete line of flux for all your brazing and soldering applications. These fluxes have been specially developed to effectively protect surfaces against oxidation and to eliminate or reduce oxides resulting from the heating cycle during brazing. They have been designed to optimize the performance of brazing operations (fluidity and wetting) with Soudotec and Selectarc filler metals.

Surface treatment

Also, FSH Welding Canada offers a wide variety of products related to the welding field, such as

  • Pickling paste and liquid for the treatment of stainless steels after welding : Pick and Pick LF
  • Neutralization paste Neutra
  • Ecological degreaser Blueclean
  • Passivation agent EcoPassiv
  • Anti-Heat Gel Thermagel
  • Rust remover Clean Rust
  • Steel-enriched epoxy resin sticks for cold repair of any metal or non-metal object without shrinkage or cracking.


Hot and cold metallizing system

FSH Welding Canada offers a complete line of torches and metal powders for cold (Bondtec) and hot (Fusetec) metallization wear protection. The precision of these two processes is such that it is possible to perform very thin anti-wear coatings. With a wide range of high performance Bondtec and Fusetec powders, FSH Welding Canada is able to meet the various application constraints in terms of hardness, base metal or type of coating required.

Flame metallization is a wear-resistant coating technique using metal powders that are sprayed onto a surface by a specially designed oxyacetylene torch. As the metal powders cool, they contract and adhere strongly to the base metal.

The Fusetec hot metallization process is a hot coating process that produces dense, porosity-free deposits that can withstand the most severe wear and tear. The uniformity of the deposit results in a smooth coating and a flawless surface appearance, eliminating the need for subsequent grinding and machining in many applications.

Available in two kits: Fusetec Medio and Fusetec Magnum

The Bondtec cold plating process is specially designed for cold repairs, i.e. without the risk of deformation or structural change of the base metal. It is possible with this process to rebuild on alloys normally incompatible with each other

Locking wire and snapping wire

The locking wire and the snapping wire are ready to use and are mainly intended for the breaking of nuts in the aeronautical and automotive industries in order to ensure the safety of mechanical assemblies.